Services & fees


Private patients:

Examination  €20 (discounted with item of treatment)
Consultation only visit €60-80
Prescription €30

Private Cleaning visit €75 – 90

Hygienist cleanings PRSI €35 Private €80 extra with anaesthetic

PRSI Discounted cleaning visits range €15- €50

X rays:
– Small from €20
– Large (OPG) €60
Fillings from €95 – €120

Bonding ranges from €120- €160 per tooth

Extractions from €95 – €120


– Acrylic from €450 -€800
– Metal Cobalt Chrome removable bridge €1200
Whitening €280
Root canal treatments, not including filling price:
– single canal tooth from  €340
– double canal tooth from  €450
– treble canal tooth €540
Crowns from €700 – €850
Core/post preparation from €250

Orthodontics, Anti-wrinkle injections and Bonding treatments will be quoted for after initial consultation.

Sedation fee €300

PRSI Patients:

Can avail of a FREE annual check up and consultation visit and a subsidised cleaning visit.


A check up always includes a FREE visual oral cancer screening.

A comprehensive, individual treatment plan will be detailed for each patient and discussed and quoted in advance of any treatment.

Medical Card Treatments, while not available at this clinic from 14th September 2021, can be accessed at a DTSS registered dentist. can provide information on Dentists in your area that are providing dental services to HSE eligible patients.

We now offer an, on site, same day, denture repair or addition service.

Visa, Mastercard, Laser etc accepted.


Opening times


Mon to Fri

9 am – 5:30 pm




We accept

Private and PRSI qualified patients